HOLIDAY-ISH: Bathtub Party Day


It’s Bathtub Party Day!

2018 was full to the brim with memes. One of the most memorable (and most annoying) being Johnny Johnny.

Youtube channel Billion Surprise Toys, rose to fame with their mantra of “Johnny Johnny? Yes Papa?” but there are some other videos they have that deserve much more praise, especially on this very special day.

It’s Bathtub Party Day, and anyone who has looked deeper into Billion Surprise Toys knows exactly which videos are perfect for this celebration: “Inflatable Pool Time With Family” and the appropriately named “Bath Time”.

Bathtub Party Day is just supposed to be a day where you forget taking a shower and relax in a nice bath, but that doesn’t really scream “PARTY!” to me. However, Billion Surprise Toys knows exactly what the meaning of bathtub party is.

In the “Inflatable Pool Time With Family” video, the whole cast of characters is in the pool. The mama and the papa invite the kids in by singing a lovely “Let’s together bath.” Now, this may seem a little creepy, but do not fret, they are just gonna have a huge bath party!

The kids are taught how to wash their hair and “rub” their legs and hands with this sweet, sweet tune sung by the parents. They are sung a very similar song in “Bath Time”. I found it a little weird, but  uh, I’m sure that’s normal right?

So, make sure if you do decide to celebrate this fine holiday that you get your whole family together in a pool and bathe.

Actually, please don’t do that.