HOLIDAY-ISH: National Ferris Wheel Day


In almost all romantic movies, the couple always finds themselves at the top of a ferris wheel getting prepared for their romantic first kiss.

For example, in the notebook, Noah dangles with one arm off of a ferris wheel just to get Allie to go out with him. Crazy right? Haha.

Personally, my experience with a good wheel has been a little different. I’ve only ever been wheelin’ like twice in my life. Both times when I was like 8 or 9 or something. Not the ideal age to be gettin’ cozy with a man on a romantic amusement park date.

In my opinion, sitting at the top of a big wheel of death is not the spot that I would be in my prime romantic state. One wrong move and you’re rockin’. Back and forth. Terrified.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the wheel. A big fan of amusement parks in general and at times I feel the ferris wheel is underrated.

It’s a nice little in between ride, to kind of calm down all the adrenaline from all the fast paced coasters.

As I’m typing this, I am being told how boring they are. I’m honestly slightly offended. I feel for the wheel.

It’s a nice way to just sit and chill, and at night, you can see all the pretty lights and just look over the whole park.

As someone who isn’t afraid of heights, I can actually enjoy a nice trip on the wheel. So, next time you find yourself at an amusement park (possibly today February 14th, National Ferris Wheel day) maybe give the wheel, a chance. <3