HOLIDAY-ISH: National Cereal Day


Well the day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here, today March, 7 is National Cereal Day!!

No printer, just fax, having some fun cereal is one of the best ways to start off your morning.

Cereal is just great. If I’m being honest here, I’m going to have to say that cereal is the superior food and should be at the top of the food pyramid.

I think its just facts that fun cereals are mean for kids and teenagers and healthy granoly cereals are made for boring adults.

Thinking about all the different things you can do with cereal just gets me all tickled inside.

Here’s a list of a things you might want to try with your cereal for maximum results:

  1. Mix it with other cereals to enhance your experience
  2. Join the big boys and use a big mixing bowl to eat your cereal instead of a dumb little bowl
  3. For all you people out there that explode when you have regular milk, you can try ‘Lactaid’ milk
  4. Use chocolate milk instead of regular milk to join the elite club of geniuses
  5. Use orange juice instead of regular milk if you hate yourself

Let’s talk about how to prepare your cereal. It goes bowl, cereal, AND THEN MILK. If you do it any other way, you’re wrong and welcome to join me in a debate and get flamed.

I hope you all are out there being safe with your cereal and making it the RIGHT way.

Enjoy this day.