HOLIDAY-ISH: National Puppy Day


Hannah Wicks

The man, the myth, the legend: Gordon.

Dogs, especially puppies, are one of the best things this world has to offer in life. You could be super duper sad, but then a puppy comes around and BOOM, everything gets ten times better.

If only there were a day to celebrate these little bundles of absolute joy. Oh wait, there is.Today is National Puppy Day, possibly the best holiday of them all.

It’s a known fact that dogs are the superior pet in every way. They are loyal, friendly (for the most part), and ADORABLE. My dog, who still thinks he’s a puppy, deserves all of the love on this very special day.

Gordon Eustice Wicks. Gordo, Gordy, Handsome Boy, Beautiful Man, Bubba, Bubby, BooBoo Face. He’s my beagle baby boy, love muffin, honey bunches of oats. The goodest boy of them all; well, kinda. He likes to jump on and attack every guest that comes into my house. He also bites my hands, but I know it’s out of love. Most people hate him, but it’s okay. He’s a cutie and a very handsome man.

Sometimes he pees on my floor and poops, EVEN THOUGH HE IS HOUSE TRAINED, he just refuses to listen now cause he sucks. He can be the absolute worst sometimes. Haha, he’s a beautiful man. Good boy. The love of my life.

I’m kinda just going off now, but it’s whatever. I love puppies. Please, show Gordon some love on this day. Other puppies aren’t important. Gordon only.

Thank You.