Athlete of the Week: Preston Wilson


Ali Wagner

Preston Wilson has been a solid contributor to the track team in his sophomore season.

Hope Shook, Staff Writer

Sophomore Preston Wilson has made waves in first varsity track season. He has become one of the main scorers for the Bellwood-Antis boys track team.

What first got Preston into track was the idea of being able to be on a team with most of his friends, and he enjoys the  competitive side of track.

“I love being able to run with my friends, but at the same time run competitive against other schools,” he said.

Wilson runs three main distance events in track, the 4×800 relay, 1600m run, and the 800m dash.

Even though it is his first year he has made great times in each of his events, and he gets trying to get faster everyday.

Preston Wilson runs a 5:14 in the 1600m run, the mile, and he runs a 2:14 in the 800m dash, the half mile.

Though Preston already is one of the teams top distance runs he is striving to run faster times in all of his events.

“My goal is getting under a 5 minute mile, and getting a 2:10 or better in the 800m dash,” said Preston.

Preston is only in tenth grade, but college is still around the corner.

“This is my first year running track so I never thought about college. Personally, I think that I am nowhere near the college level yet, but i plan on striving to get better every year,” he said.