BA HISTORY 101: Mrs. Stinson subbing 15 years ago


Fifteen years ago at Bellwood-Antis High School, a new substitute came through the door.

Her name was Ms. Allison Stodart. You may know her as Mrs. Stinson, your very kind and caring math teacher.

Mrs. Stinson was subbing for Mrs. Frank while she was on maternity leave. Mrs. Stinson at the time was 22 years old just getting out of college and trying to find something that sparks.

She reported to the Hylite that she came to Bellwood-Antis because she liked the students and staff and wanted to become a high school math teacher since she loved working with high school students.

Mrs. Stinson is now one of the most popular teachers on the B-A faculty, and one of the advisors of the Renaissance Club, which has been spreading school spirit all year.

When asked about Mrs. Stinson students had a lot of great things to said about her:

  • “Mrs. Stinson is really helpful and never lets me down.”
  • “She is a smart, beautiful, and over all a sweet teacher.”
  • “I don’t know how I would get through math if it wasn’t for Mrs. Stinson.”