Feature Teacher: Mrs. Szynal


Maria Cuevas

Mrs. Szynal teaches her class on how to wright a fictional story.

Maria Cuevas, Staff Writer

This weeks Feature Teacher is an elementary school teacher that can warm anyone’s heart. It’s first grade teacher, Mrs. Cindi Szynal!

Mrs. Szynal has been working at the elementary school for 22 years. Her favorite part of teaching is the kids.

“Kids! I love kids! I love their innocence, their honesty, their energy, and their eagerness!” said Mrs. Szynal.

Mrs. Szynal decided to teach elementary school students because she feels as though her style of teaching is best suited for elementary school. She loves the balance of academics and creativity and primary school events. She can be herself, silly, and laugh.

“First graders don’t think I’m crazy… just fun!” said Mrs. Szynal.  

What inspires Mrs. Szynal to teach is helping children learn the fundamentals of life academically and socially.

Mrs. Szynal has always enjoyed being at school because her family was always moving around due to her father being in the air force. She was a very social child and young adult and has always tried to get involved in her schools from elementary school to college.

In her free time Mrs. Szynal is running her children around. Her children’s names are Lydia, Ty, and Meredith. She loves to watch her daughters dance and her son play sports. She is also very involved with the youth at church.

When she’s not running her children around or doing things with her church, she enjoys going to the gym and doing yoga or she might even go on a long walk for some peace and quiet and time away from all the children.