Saint Francis STEAM day


Courtesy photo

Bellwood-Antis students and teachers took part of the 26th annual STEAM Day at St. Francis.

Hailee McConnell and Cazen Cowfer

Last month, nine Bellwood-Antis students were among five-hundred other students at Saint Francis University who got to compete in the 26th annual STEAM bowl. 

The STEAM Bowl is a competition to compete in STEAM activities.  Alex Antonelle, Atherton Poorman, Landon Bungo, Kenny Robbison, Zach Merrits, Andrew Tornatore, Tyler McClauskey, and Connor Fellabaum learned and explored aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) on a campus setting with SFU students, facility, and local professionals. 

“STEAM day is very educational. It allows the students to see different aspects of the science world,” said B-A teacher Mrs. Sally Padula, who took students to the event with Ms. Denise Shimel. Not every activity was science or math related. A group of students toured the local WWII museum filled with artifacts donated by local families, another group attended a program titled ‘Sociopaths, Psychopaths and Mass Murderers,’ which explained the psychology behind how and why people become these things.

The students also had an opportunity to showcase the skills and knowledge that they have learned in their high school classrooms and compete with other schools in the STEAM Bowl. 

Junior Atherton Poorman said she would ” recommend going again because it’s hands on and informative.”

Bellwood-Antis students competed in Hyperbolic Geometry, Engineering, Sociopaths, and the aforementioned Psychopaths and Mass Shootings.

“I’ve been attending this program – started as Science Day, changed to STEM Day, and now STEAM Day – since 2006. I think the kids who attend really get a good look into the different areas and careers within the STEAM fields,” said Mrs. Padula.  “I hope they enjoyed the day.”