mini-THON Donor Drive open now


Kaelynn Behrens

mini-THON organizers are using Donor Drive to help meet this year’s goal of $25,000 for the Four Diamonds.

Chelsea McCaulsky, Staff Writer

Donor Drive is an online resource that allows live fundraising and Facebook fundraisers that help nonprofits raise money and do good. It is a big part in mini-THON fundraising.

Last year Bellwood raised about $10,000 dollars off Donor Drive. 

If you want to sign up and raise money for the Four Diamonds and their support of families dealing with childhood cancer, you can go to Bellwood Antis mini thon 2020. It will walk you through on how to sign up and start raising. 

Students and community members can access Donor Drive by following this link. There participants can create an account and fundraising page, keep up with the mini-THON’s progress towards its overall goal, and even keep track of the top fundraisers for this year’s event.

This year the goal for mini-THON is $25,000. If 250 students raise $100 the total will already be at $25,000. 

mini-THON teacher adviser Mr. Mtthew McNual said Donor Drive allows students that may not have their own funds get their family members involved. 

“Donor Drive allows us to extend fundraising beyond just Bellwood,” he said.

Maggie Erickson, a 12th grade member of the mini-THON committee, said  Donor Drive is so important in helping the THON committee reach its financial goals.

“If 50 people raise $50, which isn’t hard to do, that’s $2,500 we didn’t have,” she said. “It is so quick and easy to use donor drive, and I hope a lot of people will utilize it this year.”

The official mini-THON school-wide event takes place this year on February 28.