Feature Teacher: Mrs Clabaugh


Maria Cuevas

Mrs. Clabaugh is a stellar teacher at Myers Elementary.

Mrs. Allison Clabaugh is a third grade teacher in the Myers Elementary School. Her first experience as a teacher was in 2005 as a substitute at Bellwood, and then in 2006, she earned a long term position as a sub for Mr. Trexler. 

Mrs. Clabaugh’s favorite thing about teaching is watching someone who struggled with a concept, get it. 

“I also have alter egos that are really fun to bring into the classroom. It’s fun to make the kids laugh!” she said.

Mrs. Clabaugh grew up in Bellwood and her mom, Darlene Carter, was a teacher in the middle school. Mrs. Clabaugh has always enjoyed working with kids.

“I knew it was a great district!” said Mrs. Clabaugh.

Mrs. Clabaugh likes to find creative ways to help kids learn so she developed a special system for the kids. In class, they use googly eyes as a prize. A student earns googly eyes for positive behavior or hard work and can cash them in for coupons such as lunch with the teacher, teacher’s chair, show and tell, and a gum pass. 

It’s a busy time for Mrs. Clabaugh, who has a first grade son Carter and fourth grade daughter Abby, both of whom go to Myers.

“My current hobbies are my children’s hobbies,” said Mrs. Clabaugh, whose daughter Abby is highly involved in dance. She spends a lot of time traveling to dance competitions, wrestling matches, baseball games,  and soccer games. She also loves Disney and the beach.