Fab Freshmen – Clay Engle

The kid is just really “chill”


They don’t come more laid back than freshman Clay Engle, who hopes to be one of Bellwood-Antis’s top hoopsters someday.

You might have seen freshman Clay Engle in the hallways and noticed that he is always wearing his sportswear. Outside of school you see him wearing his Beats and playing basketball.

Clay is that tall, funny freshman that everyone gets along with.

Clay loves playing basketball. He said, “I like playing basketball because ball is life and it is my favorite sport.”

Sophomore Tom Whiteford has been neighbors and good friends with Clay for years. He said, “Clay-J is one of the chillest freshman I know.”

Civics teacher Mr. McNaul said, “Clay is focused and takes an interest in being a good citizen.”


The BluePrint: What’s the biggest difference between 9th grade and middle school?

Engle: The teachers are chill.

The BluePrint: What class from freshman year will you never forget and why?

Engle: Civics because I think Mr. McNaul is of the best teachers I have had his class is chill!

The BluePrint: What goals do you have for the next 3 years of your BA experience?

Engle: To become the best basketball player I can and graduate.

The BluePrint: What advice would you give 8th graders preparing to make the jump to high school?

Engle: Pay attention in 8th grade.

The BluePrint: What’s one thing you’ll do differently as a sophomore and why?

Engle: Study more.

Favorite Movie: 22 jump street

Favorite Class: Science

Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite BA lunch: Chicken in a bowl

What’s in your IPod: Rap/hip-hop