National Coffee Day


    There’s nothing like a cup of Joe to get you going in the morning.

    Today is National Coffee Day. This holiday helps raise awareness about sustainable coffee cultivation and fair trade practices within the coffee industry. Coffee is a drink made from seeds or berries of the coffee plant. Historians believe that coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia but was cultivated on a large scale and traded for the first time by the Arabs. 

    Despite the popularity of coffee, it has had its share of critics in history. Sultan Murad IV of the Ottoman Empire hated coffee so much that he made coffee drinking an offense punishable by death. In England, King Charles II fearing plots hatched over cups of coffee ordered all coffee houses shut. 

    Coffee was initially used for religious ceremonies and rituals, it became the beverage choice in most households in the Middle East, Persia, and Africa by the 16th century and in Europe and the Americas by the 17th century. 

    How can you celebrate National Coffee Day? You can take some time off from your busy day to enjoy your favorite beverage. You can also do these:

    • Coffee brings friends together. Set up a coffee date with your friends and spend some time with them over a cup of coffee.
    • Try new flavors or even types of coffee
    • Have coffee flavored type of food or candy
    • Coffee shops may offer a free cup of coffee. Go to your local coffee shop and see if they are giving out free coffee.

     Did you know that studies have shown that drinking a moderate amount of coffee can help live a healthier and longer life?

    Go out and enjoy some coffee with either friends, family, or even by yourself and take some time off your busy day and enjoy your favorite coffee.