Aevidum participates in Out of the Darkness Walk for suicide prevention

Forty-one students from Bellwod-Antis attend


Forty-one Bellwod-Antis Aveidum students were at the Out of the Darkness walk Saturday at Mansion Park.

This past Saturday, September twenty-seventh, forty-one Bellwood-Antis students participated in the Out of the Darkness walk at Mansion Park in Altoona. This walk was to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

However, it wasn’t only students who attended. Along with Altoona, Hollidaysburg, and Bellwood-Antis Aevidum groups, people were also there for their family members and loved ones who fell victim to suicide. Everyone gathered at 9:30 a.m. to walk around the track in support for those who lost their lives and their family members.

High School Assistant Principal Mrs. Adams was there to experience the magic as well, and the BluePrint asked her about the event.

Q: How do you personally think it went?

A: First of all, it was such a beautiful day. Just to see all of our students there. I just felt proud. My heart was so warmed by it.

Q: Do you think Bellwood students have helped raise awareness?

A: Oh my, absolutely, yes. Just what we’ve done this year, I mean, we’ve only been in school a month and look what we’ve accomplished already!

Q: Can you explain what the shoes are for this week?

A: The shoes are for “Stomp out Bullying” day which is October 6th. There is a high correlation between bullying and suicide. That is where the connection comes in with the Out of the Darkness walk. If each student donates a dollar for a shoe, the donations will go to the Out of the Darkness fund. The shoes will be used to spell out a message.

Mrs. Adams had one last statement about what she feels Aevidum is all about for the students:

“This is what I’d like to see: talk is cheap. We can all say, ‘Oh, yeah, I’ve got your back,’ but we need to show it. We need to get some empathy. Empathy is so hard to come by anymore,” Mrs. Adams said.

Remember to get your shoes! They are being sold during all three lunch periods all this week. Show your support for Out of the Darkness by donating just one dollar. For every shoe you sponsor, your name is entered into a drawing to win either a Sweet Frog or Chipotle gift card!