Is extra work to much?


Jarrett Taneyhill

Many students opt to work at Delgrosso’s Amusement Park. Flyers for the job can be seen outside the guidance office.

Ethan McGee, Staff Writer

“It is a part of being a teenager.  You have to pay for what you want and not rely on your parents,” said junior Tierra Mahute to say how she honestly feels about having to work after the long school day.

This is one of many opinions from students at Bellwood-Antis on having a part time job while still in high school. Many teenagers are out to make a nice amount of money when they have free time outside of school, but is it really worth it?

Senior Blair Poorman says it is: “You just have to do it. I need a job because I like to have money.”

Many say work is a drag and they don’t like it.

You just have to do it. I need a job because I like to have money.

— Blair Poorman

Why do they do it then? It might be for the money, but in some cases it could be the next step after high school for some students who don’t plan on attending college.  Others might just be getting experience so they can understand the responsibility and values it takes to work for an employer.

“I don’t mind it. I work mostly on the weekend so it doesn’t bother me having school and then work,” said junior Paige Wilt.

The biggest concern with work and school is, will you get your school work done.

High school chemistry teacher Ms. Carrie Clippard said that’s how after-school jobs can be good and bad.

“It can teach valuable life lessons and give you experience in the workforce that can benefit your future career,” she said. “But sometimes it can be overwhelming.”

“It stinks having to do school work after a late night at work, but if I have things I need to get done, I’ll get it done,” said Blair.

High school students want to go out and do all sorts of cool things on the weekends, so they rely on their job to make them money to have nice things and participate in activities with friends without having to rely on their parents for the money.

Junior Jasmine MCcoy, who is very familiar with being in a work place said, “I don’t really mind having to work outside of school. It feels good to earn things on your own.  If you are happy with your job, then I don’t see a reason why people would be opposed to it.”