National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day


Today is National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day. Whether they’re dipped in white, dark, or milk chocolate, be sure to celebrate every mouthwatering pretzel bite. Chocolate Covered Pretzels are the combination of a sweet and salty craze that everyone enjoys.

As crazy as this holiday sounds, there is some history behind it and how it all started. Casparus van Houten Sr developed a process to separate cocoa solids from the butter. In 1828, his creation brought a candy revolution which has led to the most amazing ingredient we have today which is chocolate. 

Julius Sturgis opened up a bakery in a house that was built around 1784 in Lititz, Pennsylvania. Julius used a recipe given to him by a friend that remains unknown. However long hard pretzels were made before then are completely unknown.

Fatty Sundays founded National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day in 2019 to celebrate the delicious treat of all time. 

How can you celebrate National Covered Chocolate Day? Well, you can pick up your favorite kind of pretzels, chocolate, and toppings and give your delicious creation to your friends and family. You can also save some for yourself, don’t worry! You can add your chocolate covered pretzels to popcorn, dip them in Nutella, or even in your ice cream. You can share your favorite chocolate covered pretzels on social media by using the hashtag #ChocolateCoveredPretzelDay 

Celebrate National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day by creating different kinds of pretzels dipped in chocolate and give some to your friends and family and enjoy the creation you just made for this crazy but delicious holiday.