Carles, Huff and Kline star on weekly news broadcast

News duo has students talking at BAHS


Whether on the classrooms TVs at the end of every Friday, or on their mobile devices through YouTube, Belwood-Antis students are watching Makayla Carles and Dallas Huff do the news and loving it.

Now you can keep up with everything that happens at school by watching the BluePrint’s  weekly news broadcast.

Every Friday during eighth period, a news broadcast by Makayla Carles and Dallas Huff is broadcast on BAHS classroom TVs featuring a review of the past Friday night’s varsity football game, sports scores, and other news that happens at Bellwood-Antis. Sometimes the news can have a funny twist.

The idea came from Mr. Naylor, and both Dallas and Makayla thought it was really neat idea to participate in it.

“Mr. Naylor came to me last year and told me about the idea, and I chose to do it,” Dallas Huff said.

The weekly newscast allows them to add their own personal touch to the broadcast.  Makayla and Dallas seem to like doing weekly news.

“I can be weird and funny and make people laugh,” Dallas said.

“It’s fun and they let us have our freedom,” Makayla Carles said.

If you miss these broadcast, the videos are posted each week on the BluePrint website.

Sawyer Kline has served as the emcee of the broadcasts, announcing the entrance of Makayla and Dallas in a variety of ways.  Abbey Luensmann has been instrumental in aiding the broadcast from a technical standpoint, helping to shoot and edit video.

“I love the news broadcast,” said Mr. Naylor. “I’ve always wanted to have a news broadcast on the Blueprint site, and I couldn’t ask for two more motivated anchors than Dallas and Makayla. They come up with their own material, and they work together like a couple of old pros. And, Sawyer Kline provides extra comedy to the routine. I may have first proposed the idea, and I don’t even totally remember doing that, but when it’s broadcast time it’s all Makayla and Dallas.  That broadcast is their forum from top to bottom.”

Be sure to check out the weekly news broadcast every Friday!