Lunches at BAHS undergo changes for hybrid


Kerry Naylor

The cafeteria is much more wide open with B-A on a hybrid learning model and students practicing social distancing.

As the students start the hybrid model of learning at Bellwood-Antis High School, with half the student body attending one day and the other half another for four days of the week, the BluePrint had some questions for Principal Richard Schreier about how lunches would have to be adapted to meet the evolving safety standards in place as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

Blue Print: Are the students staying in the same seats as they were before the shutdown?

Mr. Schreier: Students will not necessarily be in the same eating space as before.  I created Google Forms for students to sign up for either eating space until capacity is full.  In the hybrid model, the same eating spaces will be used: Cafeteria, Media Center, and if necessary the hallway.  Once a students selects a space and then a seat, it will be there assigned seat for lunch.  I wanted to incorporate some choice for students during this new instructional model.

BluePrint: How are the lunches going to work under the hybrid model?

Mr. Schreier: Other than being smaller groups due to the hybrid model, there is not much difference.  Each lunch is still 30 minutes, and we will still run 1st/2nd/3rd lunch periods.

BluePrint: Is there going to be enough room to social distance?

Mr. Schreier: We have 40 seats in the cafeteria, one chair per rectangular table or circle table.  This allows for 6 feet of distancing while masks are off for eating and drinking. We have 30 seats in the media center, one chair per table. Another feature of both spaces is the chairs are pointed in the same direction.

BluePrint: Are free lunches going to last the rest of the year?

Mr. Schreier: Yes, the free breakfast and lunch program will continue throughout the remainder of the school year.  Each student is eligible to receive one breakfast and lunch per day and a grab-and-go will be available for Blue or Gold High School students each day as they exit the building.

BluePrint: Are students required to wear masks until they are about to eat?

Mr. Schreier: Yes, students will remain in assigned seats until they are dismissed to the lunch line.  While seated and not eating or drinking, students should continue to wear their masks.

Thank you Mr. Richard Schreier for answer the questions and taking time out of the day.