ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Loralie Weeden


Courtesy photo

Loralie Weeden is this week’s Artist of the Week.

Loralie Weeden is an eighth grader who attends  Bellwood-Antis Middle School. A member of the Bellwood-Antis band, Loralie was selected to be Artist of the Week because she learned and taught herself some songs to play on the guitar, even though she was new to playing the instrument not that long ago.

Music teacher Mr. Patrick Sachse has also helped her throughout her journey.

BluePrint: Who inspired you to play an instrument? 

Loralie: It wasn’t really a single person who inspired me. Listening to bands like Slipknot and Three Days Grace gave me the drive to learn new music.

BluePrint: Why did you choose to join the band?

Loralie: I joined the band because I had always loved playing music. My mom always pushed for us to get in something that involves music. She saw the same importance in music as athletics. When I first joined I didn’t know anything about my instrument, but my teacher (Mr. Sachse) was very patient and has got me to where I am now. When I was frustrated that I couldn’t get something right in a song, he would encourage me and help me. 

BluePrint: What instruments do you play and why?

Loralie: I play the electric bass guitar and the electric guitar. I play those instruments  because I always loved watching and listening to bands. I’ve always had a dream to perform on stage in a band. I love learning to play new songs from the band I love. 

Blueprint: What has been your inspiration to continue playing? 

Loralie: My inspiration to keep playing is most likely all the support I get from people around me. Also there is always more music to find and there is always a song that I really want to learn. One of the most amazing things is to go from a place where you can’t get five notes right and you’re hitting the wrong strings to finally playing that song perfectly. It’s so rewarding to see your progress. So I guess you could say I have a lot of self motivation. 

BluePrint:  When did you start playing?

Loralie: I started playing the electric bass when I was 11 and I started teaching myself to play guitar at the age of 13.