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Andy Miller is this week’s Artist of the Week.

Kaia Claypoole, Staff Writer

Andy Miller is a senior at Bellwood-Antis who participates in a variety of activities involving the band. In December, Andy Miller auditioned and got accepted into PMEA District Band. He was chosen as the Blueprint’s Artist of the Week for his talent and passion for music. 

BLUEPRINT: Who inspired you to play an instrument?

Andy Miller: It would be my dad back in fourth grade. I really wanted to play clarinet but he told me to play something more unique and that’s how I started playing the euphonium.

BLUEPRINT: Why did you choose to join the band?

Andy Miller: I really liked music class in elementary school. It’s just something I always remember wanting to do.

BLUEPRINT: What instrument did you choose and why?

Andy Miller: Euphonium because it was different and unique.

BLUEPRINT: How did you feel when you got accepted into PMEA District Band?

Andy Miller: With this year being an online event, I didn’t feel much. I love the festival but to get the full experience it has to be in person. I was much happier the other two times I made it in.

BLUEPRINT: What will you miss at Districts since it is virtual this year?

Andy Miller: So much. Getting to hear the entire ensemble play that first tuning note is an experience. When you get that many talented musicians together, it feels so powerful. So really it is just being there in person and actually getting to interact with everyone and hear the music in real life. Also the copious amount of snacks you’re allowed to bring is a plus.

BLUEPRINT: How does it feel being a senior leader? What responsibilities go behind it?

Andy Miller: I’ve enjoyed taking a little bit of a leading role. It’s nice to be at the top of the food chain per se. I just try and help the underclassmen with any problems they have, especially in marching band.