Coup D’etat: a wonderful game of strategy


Andrew Crocker

Coup D’etat is a fun game of strategy.

Coup D’ètat is a great game. The game might be fairly basic, but it is still a superb game. It is kind of a mixture of card games and monopoly. The aspects of these things combine for a unique and interesting experience. Like most good games Coup D’ètat is easy to learn, but impossible to master. It also has massive luck involved, but can still be won through proper strategy.

Coup D’ètat has very simple rules. The game consists of six card games that are run through every round. There are as many rounds as there are players. Each round a player is the dealer and gets all money from those games. Someone else can take the dealership through a coup with a coup card on any game not played in that round yet. The person with the coup card picks the game and has to meet certain criteria to get the dealership. If successful they get money from all other players, if they fail, though, they put money in the pool to go to whoever has the dealership at the end of that round. A hidden coup can be done on the most difficult games, but carry a big risk. You can lose a lot of money this way, not that I would know anything about that. At the end of each round the dealership passes to whoever was next in the initial line up, regardless of who the dealer ended up being. All games can only be played once per round and a round is up whenever all games have been played.

Many will say this game is nothing but luck of the draw, but if you play your cards right you can almost always win, even if the deck is stacked against you. This is what makes Coup D’ètat so great, the strategy. Personally, I am great at this strategy. I would never, say, blow through almost 10,000 in game dollars in three rounds and only ever have the dealership for a single hand. I would never do that, say last weekend, never. Through strategy one may usually win the game regardless of the way the cards are dealt.

Coup D’ètat is an excellent strategy game. It is a test of wills and strategy worthy of the time it takes to play, which to be fair is not that much all things considered. This game is not produced any more so it might be hard to find and a little pricey, but if you can find and are willing to pay for it the enjoyment the game brings can not be understated.