Administrators reflect on the departure of Mrs. Hartsock


Lisa Hartsock began her career at Tyrone this week, but Mrs. Adams and Mr. Wagner are keeping the high school moving forward in her absence.

On October 6th, 2014, Mrs. Hartsock left the Bellwood-Antis High School to become an elementary school principal at the Tyrone Area School District. She has shed her blue and gold, and has become a Tyrone Golden Eagle.

Acting principal, Mrs. Adams has mixed feelings about Mrs. Hartsock leaving. She said, “It’s bittersweet.  I thought we were a good team.  I am happy for her though because she’s wanted to do this.  She has a lot to offer as a school administrator.  She will be missed.”

Middle School principal, Mr. Wagner said, “We’re going to miss her. She was good here and she was a big part of the community.  It will be hard to replace her.”

Mrs. Adams and Mr. Wagner are now taking her place as combined principals of BAHS.

Mrs. Adams hopes to continue business as usual. She said, “I want to continue business as usual, just Mrs. Hartsock won’t be here.  I’m lucky I have been here a year to understand what happens and keep the business the same.”

Mr. Wagner feels the same way as Mrs. Adams. He said, “We are going to work together and do our best to keep the ship afloat until there is a new high school principal.”

Taking on combined principal duties with Mr. Wagner, Mrs. Adams will have a lot more to do. Normally, she would be in the guidance office helping kids. Now, she isn’t sure if she will be able to as much. She said, “Unfortunately, I won’t be able to devote as much time as I wanted, but if kids come to me, I will take time out of my day to help them.  I don’t want any kid feeling like there is no help for them.”

She plans on handling this new job by relying clearly on fate. She said, “All I can tell you is that I’ll get up every morning and praise the good Lord to lead me the right way.  I will give it 110%.

Mrs. Adams can’t say that this change is going to be easy or hard for her.

She said, “Every day is a challenge. Whether Mrs. Hartsock is here or not, it will be a challenge.  It’s hard for me to say if anything is easy or difficult.”

Mr. Wagner thinks this may be a challenge, but they are going to try their best. He said, “We are all really busy.  It will be hard to find time to do what needs to be done. The work is essentially the same from one building to the next.”

Also, with a laugh, Mr. Wagner has planned out how he is going to handle being principal of the high school and middle school. He said, “I’m going to come early, stay late, and work real hard in between.”

Mrs. Adams does have plenty of new and good ideas as principal. She said, “I would like to explore ideas of letting kids take online courses so that they can catch up on credits.  They could have a choice of coming to school one day and doing the online course another. I would like to find a way to give kids who are failing help and support. I would also like to get something more for our school since we hardly have any extracurricular activities for the students to do.”

She also added, “I would like to get kids to go out to work on co-op projects, which is when they leave school to go to their job. I would like to continue big projects like the Out of the Darkness walk.  I want to continue working with Mrs. Harpster and the high school students and elementary students. I feel there could be a big connection between them.”

Mr. Wagner said, “The goal is to just maintain all the programs and we will allow the new principal to set his or her own goals for growth.”

Mrs. Adams also plans on trying to find new ways to improve lunch. “I would like to make it less institutionalized looking,” she said.

She also added, “I would like to get televisions in the cafeteria and picnic tables outside so the students can eat outside. It would also be nice to explore how other schools are allowing cell phones in school and during lunch.”