Conflict of Nations


Conflict of Nations is a very interesting game. This long term real time strategy game is almost completely unique, with only two similar games. When it comes to strategy games Conflict of Nations stands out for its gameplay and rules, although there are some bad aspects. 

The gameplay of Conflict of Nations is a truly intriguing one. Basically it is a long term real time strategy. Games run for months non stop and all units follow orders. This type of strategy requires attention to detail and very thought out plans. The game involves controlling a country or faction and trying to take over the world or certain areas. Movements, combats, and construction commonly takes hours or even days. This allows the player to only check in once or twice a day. With this said most players want to check in multiple times a day and as much as possible, so this game is particularly good if you have no life, like me. If you don’t like strategy games or do not want to stick with a game for months you might not want to play this game, but if you are fine with these things, Conflict of Nations will be a terrific experience and incredibly fun. 

Some of the rules make Conflict of Nations better than the other two games that are similar. The main rule that makes Conflict of Nations superior is that after so many days of inactivity a player can be kicked and another player can take his place. This comes in handy when new players do not like the game and quit in the first few days. Another player can then pick up command of that country and units. This rule is definitely one of the best aspects of the game. 

Another rule that helps make Conflict of Nations fun is the rules regarding alliances. In the game one can set up alliance systems of typically five countries, although it can be less or more depending on the size of the map. Alliances show the units and land of other countries to you, allows you to move through their land, and allows you to share in their game victory, and vice versa. This can be exploited to plan attacks on allies. It is for this reason that there is a 24 hour waiting time before a country is kicked or leaves an alliance system. This makes it more difficult to betray another country. However, betrayal is very common. Every player does it, but this rule makes it more difficult and makes the game more fair. Personally, I have been betrayed many times, and have also betrayed many sets of alliances. I have even solo won a game by backstabbing several sets of alliances. By adding this rule of 24 hours the game remains possible to win by having alliances. It is a really good rule to have. 

There is one big problem with Conflict of Nations. Conflict of Nations is a free game to play on the internet, but it does have some pay to win aspects. There are two things included in this. One is a membership which unlocks several aspects of the game. This includes queueing units to be built later and allowing units to automatically fire on enemy units when the enemy unit enters the range of that unit. One may also purchase gold, an in game currency, to buy resources in game, speed up production of units and buildings, and heal units quickly and on the front lines. One may win gold by winning games, but this is determined by the number of points you have at the end of the game and it is very difficult to build up any useful amount of gold without buying it. With this said, however buying gold can quickly become really expensive and does not guarantee victory. If several nations gang up on a gold user most people could not

afford to fight them off on money alone. When it is comes down to it strategy can usually win the day. I still do not like this pay to win aspect, but it is understandable as the company needs to make money somehow. In most games people do not play using gold anyway, but when they do it can be very annoying. 

Overall Conflict of Nations is a great strategy game. It is very fun to play. Although it has its problems there are many excellent aspects of the game that set it apart from the very few similar games. I would definitely suggest this game, if you like strategy games and especially if you have no life, like me.