Seniors already feeling sad over last year at B-A


Sisters Jessica and Danielle Fogle are just two members of the senior class who are apprehensive about their last year of high school.

The seniors this year are feeling really sad that they are almost done and that this is their last year at school. They are just wanting it to be done.

“I honestly can’t believe it came so quickly, but I’m excited about it!” Jessica Salmon feels about the last year about Bellwood. She will miss some of her teachers, but her friends are worth keeping and they will always be a part of her life, she hopes. How she is dealing with her last year of school is that she just wants to be done.

“It just feels like another year though,” which it probably feels like to everyone else. The whole “senior” thing hasn’t sunk in yet for Jess. Jess hasn’t applied to any schools yet and still hasn’t have any plans yet. She thinks not knowing is more stressful than anything.

Danielle Fogle feels sad that she won’t be able to see her teachers every day and friends. She will miss walking to school and starting her favorite classes.

“I think I will miss my friends because we all been through a lot together and had a great time talking at lunch or throughout our day,” Danielle said.

Danielle is a little emotional because when next summer comes, she has to say goodbye to her friends. She thinks its nerve racking knowing it’s her last year being a BA student.

She hopes that she can get into Penn State. She is starting to look into colleges and checking them out. She’s looking up the information. This is stressful for her and probably a lot of people. Overall, Danielle had fun throughout school. She has mixed emotions this year, but is going to have a good year!

Jessica Fogle thinks it’s going to be a good last year at Bellwood. She knows that there is going to be some tough times and is going through mixed emotions about leaving school. She is going to miss her favorite teachers because she won’t be able to see them no more, but plans on coming back to visit her favorite teachers. She will miss her friends because she won’t be able to see them either.

“I feel really mixed emotions because I’m taking every moment and try to hold on to it till the last. I do have those days that I really love to be in school. I also have those days were I am thinking to myself that I am ready to graduate,” Jessica feels about her last year at Bellwood.

Jessica isn’t yet applying to any colleges because she isn’t sure want she really wants to do when she graduates. She is starting to think about it though. She doesn’t want to go to a four year college and would like to go to a trade school like her dad did.