A & E: Support your local sheriff


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Support Your Local Sheriff is a little known classic.

I absolutely love Support Your Local Sheriff. It is, in my personal opinion, one of the few almost, if not completely, perfect movies. This movie contains perfect comedy, action, and unique flavor. These things combine with the great acting to make Support Your Local Sheriff an excellent movie. 

Support Your Local Sheriff is a very unique movie. It is an action, cowboy, comedy movie. The basis of the movie is an insanely quick and accurate gun slinger comes into a town that has boomed with a recent gold rush. He must become sheriff and fight off a family of criminals. This premise fits perfectly with the comedy and action setting Support Your Local Sheriff apart. 

There is some excellent comedy in Support Your Local Sheriff. The movie has almost nonstop comedy. It packs so many hilarious jokes into an hour and a half that it is impossible to explain in a single article. These jokes are made one after another, yet still so fluidly. It is made ever more better by the lack of a laugh track. You decide where the jokes are and when to laugh. Trust me, you will know when there is a funny part. The comedic aspect of the film is definitely one of the best aspects of the film. 

Support Your Local Sheriff contains a lot of excellent action. As is characteristic of cowboy films there are plenty of gun fights, but some are just so unique; some lacking in guns, strangely enough. While some are silly others are dealt with in just enough seriousness as to be perfect. It is never so serious as to darken the mood, but is also just serious enough to carry the story and make it interesting. It was done perfectly. 

All of these things are carried by the excellent acting. The sheriff, Jason, is played by the excellent, the one, the only, James Garner. He is perfect in this role. Despite the comedy he takes it so seriously. James Garner also brings his signature charisma to the character, but what else is expected from this icon. Joan Hackett plays Prudy, the clumsy and head strong love interest of Jason, because of course James Garner gets the girl. She fits the role perfectly and makes the movie much better. With all this said the best part of the movie is the acting of Jack Elam as Jake. Jake is the town bum, and he really looks like one too, turned deputy who is also a major part of the comedy. Despite him being mainly comic relief the character is given depth by showing a lot of capability when it comes down to it. Jack Elam is the best fit for the role out of all of the actor character matches in this classic film. These actors make all of the aspects of Support Your Local Sheriff so much better than is would be without it. 

All and all Support Your Local Sheriff is a great and classic movie. The excellent comedy and action combine with the uniqueness of the film to make it all but perfect. I will say in no uncertain terms that I loved this movie, it is one of my favorites. It is free now on YouTube so go