OPINION: What will we do with our advantages?


Caroline Nagle

Senior Joe Dorminy

Each generation throughout history has made its mark on the world.  Our parents and grandparents have changed the world we live in, whether it has been for the better or worse.  The time has come for our generation to make its mark on the world, for us to join society and incite change.  However, I have my concerns. 

My generation has many problems that can have a profound negative effect on the world if we’re not careful; we pursue equality as if it will create a utopia for all to enjoy; we slash people down for doing or saying things we deem wrong and call it “holding them accountable”; we consume information from our devices for hours upon end to the point our brains are saturated with useless knowledge; and we rely on our technology so much that we are practically one with our machines, almost as if we are joined at the hip.  We have our issues and these issues could very well be our downfall.  But, out of the ashes of our flaws come our greatest strengths.  Our generation is equipped with the technology to revolutionize the world, create machines that will save lives, machines that will power our planet, and platforms that connect the world even more so than it already is.

Our generation has its issues and these are the things we should look out for.  People become so focused on trying to make everything equal for everyone that you begin to take away freedoms from people who never had issues with the state of equality in the first place.  These radical views of how everyone should think and act cause such great divides in our nation that I believe we may never recover from.  Our reliance on technology and engrossment in things like social media has brought about a culture where almost nothing is private and anything you do or say on the internet can be used against you.  The vast spreading of our personal lives to the world is dangerous and will come to haunt those who often look to social media to share their lives.  Our reliance on technology and engrossment in other peoples paired with a culture that silences others for their beliefs has both known and unknown detriments that may be our generation’s pitfall.

On the other hand, what generation doesn’t have some issues?  What’s important is how we continue to advance the world for the betterment of society.  I believe with enough willpower and resourcefulness we have every possible tool to do just that.  Although we sometimes over pursue equality, our generation is one of the most accepting for a plethora of races, cultures, and lifestyles that will allow for our nation to flourish.  We may be far too involved with others lives but the ability to connect with anyone anywhere in the world has its benefits.  We can experience events that are halfway across the world just by opening an Instagram story.  These intangible connections to the world are what keep us human.  Lastly, even though we become too reliant on technology, technology is what runs the world.  The use of technology in things like the medical field are what improves the lives of billions of people around the world every day.  It provides the needed edge in improving almost everything in our world.  Our generation’s ability to take what we have and improve it is our calling card and the reason we can look forward to the future.

So the question still remains: What does our generation have to look forward to as we prepare to leave high school and join the adult world?  Look forward to the world you create for yourself.  We have every tool of success at our disposal at all times, so use them.  Create a world YOU want to live in, the world is your oyster and it’s up to you to make the future one you want to live in.