Rorie Wolf

Cami Focht: artist of the week

Rorie Wolf, Staff Writer

Cami Focht is a freshman and one of her favorite things this year has been her home economics class.

Her favorite thing about her class is getting to cook with her friends and gain life skills. She started this class mainly because of the teacher, Mrs. Harris. Cami soon realized the class was something she really liked, and it was a great way to start out high school.

So far this year she’s learned foods that are good and bad for your health, many different food-born illnesses, and different recipes that will be useful for skills later in life. Cami said she finds all of these skills useful because they’reĀ  something she’s able to use all through her life and has taught her ways to be a better cook.

So far this year Cami’s favorite thing to cook was cookies and she loved being able to decorate them with friends.

Cami will mostly miss Mrs. Harris, and she’s going to miss being able to cook with her friends.

Cami has talent in all areas and cooking has become one of her top favorites.