A&E: Subnautica


Subnautica is a fun and interesting game. There are many great aspects of the game that make it worth playing, although it is not without its problems. Overall, the game is generally a beautiful and well designed world, has an interesting story, but has problems with pacing. 

Subnautica is an open world explorer/survival game. The player’s goal is to explore, survive, and escape a world made primarily of water. This world is generally a well designed and beautiful world. It is filled with unique creatures and ecosystems. Many of these creatures have bioluminescence. This makes the animals and plants appear gorgeous at night time under the duel moons. The little land you find continues this unique atmosphere and only fits to extend the inherent beauty of the game. With all of this said the graphics do appear a little digital when getting rather close to something. Even despite this, though, one wants to explore the world and all of its habitats. 

There is a clear objective and story line in Subnautica. This storyline is rather intriguing. Basically, the player needs to get off the world, first curing himself of an infection that has wiped out an advanced alien, or I guess native, civilization. This ancient culture made massive and igneous structures that really bring the storyline to the next level. The mystery behind the civilization makes the entire game. To do this the player needs to explore the wreckage of his ship and other escape pods to gain blueprints and then get resources to build those things. Once certain things are achieved specific events happen to guide you through the story to the final ending of the game. 

Subnautica does seem to have one major problem. This comes in spacing. It can be rather difficult to find certain things. These things are blueprints. There is also a finite amount of resources. This means one must continually move farther out to get resources. The latter is not that big of a problem, but the former can be rather troublesome. If you can not find a certain wreck or escape pod you can not continue the game. Most blueprints are essential to continue the game and lacking one causes major problems. You can not get into caretaking areas or cause certain events. This can be rather annoying, but is one of the problems with having massive open world games. 

All in all Subnautica is a great game. Although it has some problems with pacing, it also has a massive and gorgeous open world with many unique areas and a very intriguing storyline. The game does take awhile to complete and is not for those who get bored easily. However, if you have time and like these kinds of games it is definitely worth it. It is also free on PlayStation, so you have nothing to lose by getting it.