B-A awards more than $75,000 in scholarships


Caroline Nagle

Bellwood-Antis senior award winners pose for a picture at DelGrossos Amusement Park following the senior awards banquet. More than &75,000 in scholarships was given away to members of the class of 2021.

On Monday, the Bellwood-Antis School District held their annual senior award banquet at Delgrosso’s Amusement Park. Seniors were awarded over $75,000 in scholarships.

Through the generosity of a host of local businesses, seniors were able to get a financial boost for their post-secondary plans. Among the biggest winners were  Jacob Bollinger, who received the $5,000 Bruno DeGol scholarship; Lauren Young who received  a $2,500.00 DelGrosso Family scholarship; Landon Bungo, who received $2,250.00 Northern Blair Kiwanis Commitment scholarship;  Hunter Gregg, who received a $2,500.00 DelGrosso Family scholarship; Brendon Miller, who received a $2,500.00 DelGrossos Family scholarship; and and Rebecca Burns who received a $2,250.00 DelGrosso Family scholarship.

Congratulations to all the seniors who got scholarships!

Recipient            SCHOLARSHIP NAME      AMOUNT

Abigail Musselman         Blue and Gold Scholarship          $250.00

Abigail Musselman         South Hills School of Busines and Technology              $250.00

Abigail Snyder   Bellwood-Antis Retired Administrators Scholarship              $1,250.00

Abigail Snyder   Mighty Warriors 6:12 Scholarship            $500.00

Aiden Taylor      Northern Blair Kiwanis Club – Howard Walker Memorial Scholarship        $500.00

Alex Taylor         Northern Blair Kiwanis Club Scholarship $500.00

Alexandra Diamond       Choral Musical Scholarship         $500.00

Alexandra Diamond       Martin’s Food – In honor of Maddie Shura              $1,000.00

Andrew Miller   B-A Band Scholarship     $500.00

Andrew Miller   BA – PTO Scholarship      $750.00

Andrew Tornatore          French Club Scholarship $250.00

Andrew Tornatore          Timothy Sissler Memorial Scholarship    $1,000.00

Arik Shildt           Charles Caracciolo Steel & Metal Yard Scholarship              $500.00

Atherton Poorman         UVHA William Sitman Memorial Scholarship              $1,000.00

Brendan Andrews           Harshman Family Scholarship     $1,750.00

Brendon Miller  B-A Band Scholarship     $500.00

Brendon Miller  DelGrosso Family Scholarship     $2,500.00

Bryant Mahute  Proud 2 Serve    $500.00

Caitlyn McCartney          Bud Grazier Memorial Scholarship           $500.00

Caitlyn McCartney          Mighty Warriors 6:12 Scholarship            $500.00

Caitlyn McCartney          Linette Allen Memorial Scholarship         $500.00

Caroline Nagle   UVHA Club Scholarship $1,000.00

Caroline Nagle   Linette Allen Memorial Scholarship         $500.00

Dakota Woomer             Alumni Association Scholarship $250.00

Dakota Woomer             Thelma Fowler Memorial Scholarship     $1,000.00

Dylan Barr          DJB Scholarship $500.00

Dylan Spiker      McEldowney Academic Scholarship         $500.00

Dylan Spiker      Class of 1944 Scholarship            $1,500.00

Emily Martin      BAEA Scholarship            $750.00

Emily Martin      Northern Blair Kiwanis Club – Harold Wagner Honorary Scholarship        $500.00

Emily Martin      Class of 1964 Scholarship            $500.00

Gabriella Finn    Alumni Association Scholarship $250.00

Gabriella Finn    Thelma Fowler Memorial Scholarship     $1,000.00

Haley Campbell Darlene Carter Memorial Scholarship     $1,500.00

Haley Campbell Class of 1984 Scholarship            $500.00

Haley Campbell B-A Community Picnic Scholarship           $250.00

Haley Campbell B-A Lions Club   $500.00

Hannah Williams             B-A Lions Club   $500.00

Holden McClellan           Fraternal Order of the Eagles Scholarship               $500.00

Hunter Gregg     DelGrosso Family Scholarship     $2,500.00

Jacob Bollinger  DeGol Family Scholarship            $5,000.00

John Sloey          Tyler/Lovrich Families Scholarship           $1,500.00

John Sloey          David C. Heisler II Memorial Scholarship $500.00

Joseph Dorminy Duane Hollen Memorial Scholarship        $1,000.00

Kaia Claypoole  First Commonwealth Bank Scholarship   $500.00

Kaitlyn Dickinson            Polly Decker Barbosa Memorial Scholarship              $1,000.00

Kaitlyn Dickinson            Eugene and Jean Harker Memorial Scholarship               $500.00

Kali Lonsinger    Class of 1972 Scholarship            $500.00

Kali Lonsinger    McEldowney Academic Scholarship         $500.00

Kali Lonsinger    Forshey Family Scholarship         $500.00

Kali Lonsinger    Fostoria Farms Scholarship         $1,000.00

Kami O’Shell      Fraternal Order of the Eagles Scholarship             $500.00

Kenny Robinson              Track and Field Scholarship         $250.00

Kira Harris          Bellwood Eagles Riders #1859    $500.00

Landon Bungo   Northern Blair Kiwanis-Military Service Commitment Award              $2,250.00

Lauren Heisler   STAR Team Scholarship $500.00

Lauren Heisler   Dennis McClellan Memorial Scholaship  $1,000.00

Lauren Young    B-A Community Scholarship       $500.00

Lauren Young    DelGrosso Family Scholarship     $2,500.00

Leah Farber       Blue and Gold Scholarship          $250.00

Leah Farber       B-A Class of 1969             $500.00

Logan Mock       Blue and Gold Scholarship          $250.00

Madison Gority BA – PTO Scholarship      $750.00

Madison Otto    Mary Beth Banks Memorial Scholarship $1,500.00

Malia Danish     Thomas Otto Family Scholarship $500.00

Malia Danish     Charles Caracciolo Steel & Metal Yard Scholarship              $500.00

Malia Danish     Choral Scholarship          $250.00

Mikayla Rodland             Class of 1944 Scholarship            $1,500.00

Nicholas Caracciolo        Timothy Sissler Memorial Scholarship    $1,000.00

Nicholas Caracciolo        Choral Scholarship          $250.00

Noah Patton      Captain James “Whitey” Stephens Scholarship    $500.00

Noah Patton      Beard Legal Group Scholarship   $500.00

Owen Shedlock RSM Scholarship/FCA Scholarship            $500.00

Owen Shedlock Knights of Columbus Scholarship              $500.00

Paige Otto          BAEA Scholarship            $750.00

Raven Criscitello              DelGrosso Foods, Inc Scholarship             $1,000.00

Rebecca Burns  Track and Field Scholarship         $250.00

Rebecca Burns  Class of 1983 Scholarship            $500.00

Rebecca Burns  DelGrosso Family Scholarship     $2,500.00

Rushali Patel      M&T Bank Scholarship   $1,000.00

Ryan Malone     Bellwood Eagles Riders #1859    $500.00

Sasha Neyman  B-A Community Scholarship       $500.00

Sasha Neyman  Madison Shura Memorial Scholarship     $2,000.00

Sicily Yingling     David W. Lewis Family Scholarship          $1,500.00

Taylor Karns      Blue and Gold Scholarship          $250.00

Trenton Pellegrino          Fraternal Order of the Eagles Scholaship $500.00

Ty Noonan         Himes Family Scholarship            $1,000.00

Ty Noonan         Tyler/Lovrich Families Scholarship           $500.00

Wyatt Anderson             Blue and Gold Scholarship          $250.00

Zach Mallon       Bud Grazier Memorial Scholarship           $500.00

Zach Mallon       Corrie Fisher Memorial Scholarship         $1,500.00

Zach Miller         Fraternal Order of the Eagles Scholarship             $500.00

Zach Miller         Bellwood-Antis Youth Baseball Scholarship          $500.00