School food is no good and not enough


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School lunches at B-A and across America need to do betrer.

Sometimes the food at Bellwood-Antis is cold, watery, hard, mushy, pink, greasy, and  unacceptable, not to mention the watery milk.

 I believe we should at least have 3-4 different options to chose from. Students normally get 2 choices We need actual cooked food and not just thrown in the microwave/oven for 5 seconds.
At Bellwood, we have to pay for water at lunch. That is unacceptable. We shouldn’t have to put money in our lunch accounts just to get water. So if you don’t have money in your lunch account and can’t have milk, looks like you’re going to be thirsty for the rest of your lunch time.
Michelle Obama began the current federal school lunch rules on December 13 2010 due to decrease in kids’ nutrition. It was also another way to try and slow down child obesity.
Mr. Matthew McNaul, who monitors the second lunch period at B-A, sees students frequently throwing away the foods that have been included in hopes of making lunches healthier.
“I don’t think the law made school lunches better,” said. “There’s more choices to buy food then there was before but it didn’t stop people from being hungry. Even if people put fruits and vegetables on their tray it doesn’t mean that there not just going to throw it way.”
Health teacher Mr. Brent Hughes said what Obama’s lunch rules do to help is negated by other aspects of the rule.
“Like most laws, there are a bunch of positives and negatives to it,” he said.  “I really liked the components that added options of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, its also placed on emphasis on fruit juice, flavored milk, and pre-packaged/processed carbohydrates that greatly increase the amount of sugar in our students diets.”
Studies show that school students aren’t eating what cafeterias are serving, making multiple operations lose money. While the school districts can opt out, doing so results in federal subsidy cuts from those programs. With the Hungry Kids Act its causing some kids to starve themselves over the school day, because they just don’t like the food their schools serving.
The Hungry Kids Act cut down on obesity, while increasing anorexia, because the kids refused to eat. Michelle Obama has put herself in a situation to help when no help was needed. Kids were eating fine. The fact that kids are heavy in America is a testament to how well-fed they are.
It’s not foods’ fault for fat kids. It’s parents who allow them to overeat. Believe it or not, you can survive on McDonald’s and you can do it without getting fat. Who is to say what food is better. Food is food. Don’t judge it just because you don’t like how others eat it.