Midterm testing returns to B-A


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Midterm tests are back this year following a 1-year hiatus due to COVID restrictions.

The 2020-21 school year at Bellwood-Antis saw midterm testing go away due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 procedures; however, this one-year hiatus has ended with the return of the testing to BAHS in 2022.

Midterms were typically administered to students in January at the end of the first semester.

Despite the return of testing, midterms will not account for 10% of students’ final grade as they previously did.  The midterm will now be taken into account as part of the third marking period, and is not a separate weighted grade.

When asked about the return of midterm testing, senior Jake Martin said, “I’m not excited to take another test, but I think it’s a good sign that everything is hopefully returning to the pre-COVID normal.”

Science teacher Ms. Shimel thinks that midterms provide a great benefit academically, saying “the return of midterm testing is beneficial for students because it teaches test readiness and college preparedness, especially for B-A’s college bound seniors.”

Although midterm tests are not mandatory for each class, teachers can choose whether or not to administer them.