Holiday-ish national clashing clothes day


Today is the day to wear anything that clashes.

Anything that is a neutral color is a no-go today. Today is the day to have fun with your outfit.

Mix colors, patterns, and texture and you will be clashing in no time.

Today is National Clashing Clothes Day.

Clothing has been around for over 100,000 years. In its earlier days clothing was made using materials from outside. Overtime clothing changed due to clothing materials.

Since little kids were in elementary school and were picking out their own outfits we were clashing clothes. We would wear spots with stripes, and mixed match colors.

It’s not hard to get into your dresser or closet and pick out random things. You could do some eeny meeny miny mo, or just simply clothes your eyes and choose. Grab your dad’s favorite tie, get your mom’s bright pink shirt, put on some some plaid pants.

Wear whatever and let them know, and let them show, that clashing clothes isn’t always a bad thing to glow.