Holiday-ish: Random act of kindness


Victoria Jenkins

Holding open doors is a random act of kindness.

Do you ever wish there were more kind people, well today is the day to change that. Have you ever been a couple dollars short on your grocery trip and someone gave you some money to help you, well that is a random act of kindness.

Kindness can make someone’s day a whole lot better.

Ways to show kindness

  • Give someone a hug when they are feeling down
  • hold a door open
  • Tie someone’s shoe
  • If someone drops something pick it up
  • Give people complements

Places you can show kindness

  • Grocery store
  • At home
  • The mall
  • A restaurant
  • The park
  • At school

The random act of kindness repeats, so when you do it the next person will pass it on.