Diossa earns top sports writing honors


JoJo Caswell

Writers Julius Diossa, Hayliana Shumac and Isabelle Kelley were recently awarded by the PA Press Club.

Jojo Caswell , Staff Writer

Julius Diossa was one of the three BluePrint writers, along with Hayliana Shumac and Isabelle Kelley, to win awards from the PA Press Club in their recent statewide contest.

Julius placed first in sports writing for the story about the season ending injury of senior Dominic Carracciolo. He also got an honorable mention for his story about the raising gas prices and how it affects teenagers that drive.

He also received an honorable mention for his news story on the effect of rising gas prices on young drivers.

“I think its cool because I like doing it as a hobby but ended up being the best in the state of PA,” commented Julius.

Isabelle and Hayliana earned an honorable mention for their video series “Forgotten Bellwood: Voices from the Past,” where they invited retired staff and asked how it was teaching at Bellwood-Antis back in their time.

” I am very proud of all of our staff and especially these three who earned awards,” said BluePrint advisor Mr. Kerry Naylor. “The PA Press Club awards are very prestigious awards and not easy to come by. Julius put a tremendous amount of effort into his story on Dominic, writing and re-writing following edits. He has been a big reason for our success this year.

“Hayliana and Isabelle are two girls who wanted to do something big and had the time to do it with an afternoon study hall. They made all the connections and came up with a great idea. It’s really impressive to have two freshman honored like this because even to be given an honorable mention in these awards is a big deal. I hope they can take the class again some time in the future.”

The award ceremony where certificates will be formally distributed will be May 21 at a banquet in State College.