Holday-ish: National Grilled Cheese Day


Grilled cheese is a classic American dish.

Today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.

Did you know that grilled cheese did not start out as a sandwich? Well during World War II it was jus a piece of bread with cheese on top, and it remained an open-faced sandwich until the 1950s.

Until the 1960s, a grilled cheese was not called a grilled cheese; it was called a cheese dream, or a toasted cheese, or a meted cheese, so when you were at a restaurant that is what you asked for.

There are many ways to prepare a grilled cheese sandwich, but there are question of what constitutes the essence of a grilled cheese.

Do you eat your grilled cheese with soup? Tomato, chicken, or something different?

Do you put meat on it? Does it remain a grilled cheese sandwich if it is composed of ham and cheese?

And Mr. Naylor puts relish on his! Do you put any condiments on yours?