Leadership Club tours Goddard Space Flight Center


Courtesy photo

Members of the BA Leadership Club attended a field trip to the Goddard Space Flight Center recently.

The Bellwood-Antis Leadership Club attended a NASA Research Challenge at The Goddard Space Flight Center Thursday, May 5. The students presented their findings at the closing program and got to meet the keynote speaker Chris Sembroski.

The students had the opportunity to tour several buildings in the Goddard space Flight Center. This challenge introduced them to the Beating the Odds Foundation’s “Blueprint for Success”.

The keynote speaker Chris Sembroski’s  life-long ambition was to explore outer space. The students applied this “Blueprint for Success” to understanding Chris’s life challenges and successes as well how this applies to their own goals.  Chris is part of the Inspiration4 Mission, where he will be accompanying three fellow coworkers in the first ever civilian spaceflight and spend 3 days in orbit.

The 7th and 8th grade leadership group got to meet Chris later after presenting. Seventh graders included Ian Clark, Noah Guluas, Scotlyn Hassler, Cameron Nelson, Blake Pennington. The 8th grade class included Ava Beiswenger, Alyssa Briggs, Marissa Cacciotti, Lindsay Campbell, Ava Conway, Martin Fatzinger, Lilly Gerwert, Brylee Hewitt, Collin Matthews, Lily McNelis, Elliana Patterson, Aubrey Snyder, and Chase Yaniello.

The students also had the opportunity to tour several buildings in the Goddard Space Flight Center.  They visited the Webb Space Telescope Studio, TV Production and animation Areas, the Spacecraft and Integration Complex and the Earth Science Aeronet.  They also were able to see the prototype for the newest telescope and observe technicians working on the actual telescope.

“It was neat to get to see the technicians work on the telescope,” said Noah Gulvas.