FEATURED ALUMNI: Steven Barnhart


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Steven Barnhart is a 2010 B-A grad who has become a positive influence on young people at the Door.

Jacob Mercer, Staff Writer

Steven Barnhart, a 2010 Bellwood-Antis graduate, did not have the support system growing up that he hopes to provide to young people now.

Without a strong base at home, Steve leaned on mentors at Bellwood-Antis, and now he is paying it back as a leader at the Door.

Steve said that his time at Bellwood-Antis greatly impacted him.

“The support system I had as a teenager I still hold dear to my heart moving forward into my 30s,” he said. “Coach Lovrich and Coach Burch held me accountable while I was in school and pulled me aside and really spent time with me trying to come up with a game plan and tried to instill values I use to this day.”

The support system I had as a teenager I still hold dear to my heart moving forward into my 30s.

— Steve Barnhart

Steve serves in several capacities at the Door, including utility and cooking. He said he tries to find a balance between keeping things light and keeping the young people who frequent the Door reined in.

His inspiration every day is to always try to be a little happier than he was the day before. He said that growing up and getting married put his life into perspective after experiencing a “less than ideal childhood.”

However, Steve fought through the adversity and still managed to be living a great and impactful life in Bellwood.

“One thing I always loved about the door and Bellwood is everyone wants everyone to be successful,” Steve said. “Sometimes coming from the life I had to live in my adolescence years, people don’t make it out of that system and overcome the obstacles put in their way, let alone live this crazy blessed life that I live.”