Game On: For Honor


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For Honor had a hot start, but what happened after that?

IGN & Gamespot both give For Honor an 8/10. The game was surrounded by hype before launch, but why did it die out so quickly? For a short span, For Honor was the game to play!

To start, it’s a medieval combat game like no other, known for its unique controls and brutal executions reflecting how violent the era it depicts was. The game features an immersive campaign with strong alluring stories that have you build emotional connections with characters. Although overall, for such a good campaign it felt short. Throughout the campaign you play as Knights, Vikings and Samurai. Recently, an update was added to include a new faction, Monks. Each faction bleeds into the other’s story and connects the campaign through intense action pact missions. Graphics are top notch and character designs are impressive. 

There are a variety of warriors to choose from, each faction has a warrior for each class type. They are based on real heroes, gladiators, and generals from the past, most warriors are accurate to historic depictions. In addition, weapons, armor, and executions are customizable. All armor and weapon customizations are also accurate, besides the color swap option.

For Honor also features competitive multiplayer, competitive because of the skill gap. Melee Combat consists of simple but in-depth controls making prediction and timing important. Each individual warrior has their own advantages. Every character has a different play style, attack chains, unlockable & counters.  Each warrior is labeled for their skill level requirement as the movement, combinations, and blocking are increasingly difficult, but not without benefits of their own. 

Depending on the game mode played, teams will consist of 1-4 players. Fighting AI is also an option if you don’t enjoy fighting other players. There is also large-scale game mode “breach” which allots a player 4v4 whilst having an objective and each team of 4 has loads of AI that range in class type.

Each Map throughout the campaign and multiplayer is done extremely well. From design to details you can tell developers pull their hearts into this game. 

Because of being made by a larger company such as Ubisoft, it’s rare to see a server issue. The game also runs incredibly smoothly and can be enhanced graphically by a more powerful system.

I personally think For Honor died so quickly because of similar reasons to Titanfall 2. Both were beloved games with loads of support from fans but were both shut out by the sheer number of good games released alongside them. Not the fact that For Honor was a bad game, but there were just other popular titles people wanted to play at the time.