Game On: Deep Rock Galactic


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Deep Rock Galactic is the latest video game up for Game On.

Deep Rock Galactic is an intergalactic mining corporation, employing dwarf miners whom the player controls one of. As a first-person cooperative shooter, you’re able to play solo or up to 3 other friends.

Deep Rock is set in the depths of Hoxxes IV, sending miners to extract valuable resources. Unfortunately, aliens inhabit the planet, causing skirmishes through the mission duration.

You start in a space station preparing gear and drinking beer. Here you can select one of the 4 playable classes Driller, Engineer, Gunner, Scout. Each class has unique weapons and tools used to combat enemies in the most effective way.

Balancing and teamwork are necessary factors in expeditions. You may stack classes allowing your team to be 4 scouts, although running across a boss may prove detrimental without a heavy.

After leveling up your class through repeated play new weapons and upgrades become available. All advancements cost resources found through or completing mining missions.

Missions consist of multiple different objective types allowing for constant fresh gameplay. At the end of every mission, you must evacuate by running to a shuttle being overrun with aliens.

Critics mainly praise the game for the atmosphere it creates and classic gameplay. Using Unreal Engine, a random generator develops biomes and cave systems for constant new experiences.

Developed by Ghost Ship Games a Danish studio, and published by Coffee Stain Publishing the game has sold over 5 million units. Originally in Beta for 2 years before being fully released on May 13th, 2020. It has been and is still available on Xbox Game Pass.

This game is relatively simple and very enjoyable. If you want a fun first-person shooter to play yourself or with friends, this is it. Comedic voice lines from characters in the game constantly make me laugh. 10/10 for taking the game for what it’s designed for, fun.

Deep Rock Galactic is available on Windows, PlayStation 4/5, or Xbox series X/S.