HOLIDAY-ISH: National Hugging Day


Give someone a hug today.

The ordinary way of showing affection, or a way of saying goodbye or greeting somebody is hugging. Believe it or not, hugging can mean all sorts of things, but do you really know about these special hugs?

On January 21 warm up somebody’s heart by just a small gesture, but it’s up to you. National Hugging Day was created by Kevin Zaborney in 1986. Why would he choose specifically January 21st? Well, he thought that it was the time between winter holiday season and the new year’s birthdays. Kevin thought about why everyone seemed so low spirited around this time, and decided that everyone who was deserved a hug.

So why does it matter? A hug can’t mean so much to someone.  Kevin thought that people would think this was a silly made up joke, but  he thought wrong. A lot of people had started celebrating this holiday even on regular days just because of how much a hug can express.

The first feeling that you can feel or think of is comfort when you hug somebody. The word “hug” means “to comfort.” You might be thinking, aren’t cuddling and hugging the same thing? No they are not. Hugging is widely separated between the other ways of showing affection because there’s so much that goes into it.

How hugging is different is because it releases more than just love; it releases trustfulness and a high level of comfort. It has a different figure to it than any other way of showing affection, which is why it’s more normal to hug somebody than to give them a kiss on the cheek after greeting someone.

Did you know that there’s a recorded number of hugs for specific reasons? First, to be healthy a human needs 4-12 hugs a day, but make sure they last at least 20 seconds. Just like cuddling. a biochemical is released after 10 seconds of a hug that reduces stress and brings in reassurance.

Celebrate today by giving your best bugs to anyone you know deserves it. Even hug a stranger while you have the reason! Make sure you’re cautious though. pixa Keep in mind to be the best hugger you could be!