Updated display cases feature students and mental health awareness


Olivia Hess, Staff Writer

Sidney Gerwert, Abby McGuire, and Evan Spallone, who are from the BluePrint’s afternoon media class, have been updating the display cases in the shared hallway and near the cafeteria. 

BluePrint News

The display in the shared hallway features students and teachers, and highlights school events and happenings, while the cafeteria display focuses on mental health awareness. 

Abby’s favorite part about creating the cases is “spreading awareness about mental health and picking a student of the week.”

“This was a totally student driven idea,” said BluePrint advisor Mr. Kerry Naylor. “They liked organizing the cases and they’re good at it. It adds a lot to the school and gives students at all levels something to look forward to.”

All three students enjoy being able to “get more information out” to students and staff with these displays.