Big’s and Little’s program underway in BA


Bryce Graham

After a couple of years off, the Big’s and Little’s mentoring program is back at Bellwood-Antis.

The Big’s and Little’s program is starting back up this year at B-A, and organizers are actively looking for Big’s (high school students) to mentor the Little’s (middle school students).

Big’s and Little’s is a student mentor program where a high schooler meets with elementary or middle school kids and spends one on one time with them to help the little reach their full potential.

Depending on the Little’s interests, the one on one time can be spent on relationship building, life skill activities, reading, playing games, or simply just talking.

Mrs. Laci Simpson, middle school counselor, believes that this is a rewarding opportunity for high schoolers.

“This is something they can put on job applications, resume’s , college applications, and log communities service hours for,” she says.

Big’s and Little’s has been operating at BA for 15 years but it was not something that was doable following the pandemic. Now, with COVID – 19 restrictions on halt, the guidance office is hopeful it will start back up by the end of the school year.

Big’s and Little’s will meet during the school day and possibly partake in a once a month activity after school.

If you are interested in signing up for a Big’s position, you can sign up in the high school guidance office.