Softball sisters form special tandem

The Snyder girls have solidified themselves as B-A’s pitcher and catcher, just like their dads before them. (Courtesy photo)


Photo courtesy of Amyra Snyder

Ashlyn and Amyra Snyder are enjoying their time working together as pitcher and catcher for the B-A softball team.

Two members of the Bellwood-Antis softball team are carrying on a family tradition, and in the process creating a very special pitching/catching duo.

The tandem consists of senior Ashlyn Snyder and her sister, freshman Amyra Snyder.

Ashlyn has been B-A’s starting pitcher for two seasons now, but for Amrya this is her first time working behind the plate.

“This is only my second year pitching, and with it obviously being Amrya’s first year catching, we just go out and have fun, not worrying about making mistakes,” stated Ashlyn.

Amyra began her catching career after Assistant Coach Jim Payne asked her if she wanted to try it out.

“I thought it would be a great experience to catch for my sister during her senior year, and our dad caught for his brother, so it’s cool to keep the tradition alive,” said Amrya.

The girls’ dad, Brad Snyder, is is a 1990 B-A graduate, and is currently a junior-high football coach and an assistant coach on the softball team. He was the catcher for his brother Jerry (Class of 1989) when they were in Little League.

I‘m  extremely proud of both of my girls. They both have positive attitudes,” Brad said. “Amyra was excited to be given the opportunity to catch this year, and to start with no experience.”

Amrya said she loves catching for her older sister.

“We never disagree on strategies or pitch calls because we have a lot of trust built up in each other and in our coaches, and if one of us makes a mistake, we pick each other up and keep playing like nothing ever happened,” she said.

Amrya is a natural, and it’s only her first years, and Ashlyn is all heart.

— Coach Heather Quick

Coach Heather Quick said Amrya and Ashlyn together make each other better players.

“Amrya is a natural, and it’s only her first year, and Ashlyn is all heart,” Coach Quick said. “She’s been trying to carry the weight of the B-A softball team for the past two years and is always able to stay calm and keep her composure no matter the situation.”

The girls’ father recognizes the special opportunity his daughters have this season.

”Very few siblings get to play a sport together and interact in the capacity of pitcher and catcher,” he said.

The Lady Devils are currently sitting at 1-8 on the season, but they are a very young team. Ashlyn is the team’s only senior, and Amrya is one of the three starting freshmen on the roster.

“We are hoping moving forward in our season that we are able to work together and get a few more wins for (Ashlyn),” Coach Quick said. “The Snyder girls are good athletes and great individuals.”

Although the team has struggled to put together victories, Ashlyn and Amrya both know and see the potential it has. 

“The team is young, so they will get to develop as a team more and more each day,” Ashlyn said. “There is a lot of talent and potential moving up from junior high, so I think the team will be very strong next spring.”