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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: Record-breaking rolls

Courtesy of Bryson Hescox
Two different groups of food challenge legends from Bellwood-Antis set records for eating rolls at Texas Roadhouse.

On a Thursday night in September, a group of eight guys went to Texas Roadhouse with a large goal in mind. Robbie Kenner, Gage Burgmeier, Brady Gotshall, Dalton Poorman, Kayden Reed, Brayden Lewis, Jake Musselman, and Spencer Dunklebarger wanted to break the record for most rolls eaten in one sitting.

The original record to beat was thirty-two baskets, with four rolls in each. The ambitious group of B-A upperclassmen demolished thirty-five baskets, and ultimately shattered the previous record by twelve rolls.

Robbie Kenner, one of the newest roll-eating champions, claimed that the idea developed on a whim.

“We were bored on a Thursday and thought we could do it,” he quoted.

Robbie gives credit to Jake Musselman for eating the most. Jake’s exact number of eaten rolls is unknown to this day.

The Texas Roadhouse staff supported the group as they watched history be made, and “…started to encourage [them] and step behind [their] cause”.

22,120 calories later, there was no joy in the air.

Robbie recalled, “The feeling afterwards was not one of happiness or accomplishment, it was just sickness and regret”.

Unfortunately, their new record didn’t last long. Another group of B-A boys decided to go to Texas Roadhouse and eat the most rolls possible, breaking the thirty-five basket record in the process.

Ethan Robertson, Quinn Focht, Bryson Hescox, Buddy Bickel, Ethan Sharff, Nate Brennan, and Ashton Patton cleared thirty-eight baskets with a total of one hundred fifty-two rolls.

This group got their motivation from Robbie and Dalton, who doubted that their record could be broken.

The new roll-record of thirty-eight baskets is waiting to be beat, for those who want a challenge. After all, records are made to be broken.

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