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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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New trend taken to the extreme at Bellwood

Jayden Bartlebaugh
B-A students are more hydrated than ever before thanks to a new trend in drinking containers.

Since the rule change on water bottles during the COVID years, students at Bellwood-Antis have been taking advantage of this privilege.

But now that water bottles have been normalized, they’re taking it to the extreme. These bottles extend from your everyday 16-ounce water bottles to metal Hydro Flasks, Stanley Cups.

Recently, there has been a new trend – large 50 gallon drums and troughs.

This trend has extended beyond the realms of normality with students setting up large horse troughs in the hallways. This has sparked controversy concerning students safety with flu season on its way. The trough has also caused several slippery spots in the hallway leading to potential falls.

The usage of the new 50-gallon drums have made getting to class much more difficult. Students have been rolling around these large drums to class making many students late. Large lines have built up from students needing to fill these gallon drums taking upwards of 30 minutes to fill one.

The constant usage of the refill stations have caused an increase in water bills for the school; making some worry about the future of state and local taxes. The school has also already had to replace two of the refill stations after rust build up and pipe leaks.

The elevator has turned from a handicap accessible elevator to a more gallon drum elevator. Several people have been filling up the elevator with these large drums to transfer them upstairs. Others have tried the traditional method of rolling the drums upstairs, only for them to fall down in a Donkey Kong-like manner.

However, not all of these changes are bad. Students have become more hydrated than ever before. One student, Robbie Kenner, loves the new changes. “I love bringing in my big ol’ drum everyday! The horse troughs have kept me hydrated and it truly brings out my inner horse,” he said.

While some may find the trend beneficial, others see it as a huge problem. Another student finds the obnoxious water bottles to be a burden. Now, if you roam the hallways in between periods you will see comically large water bottles in use everywhere.

Whether you see these large bottles as positive or negative, it seems like these changes are here to stay.

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