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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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November 29, 2023

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November 29, 2023

Four B-A seniors wind down tennis careers

Terry McCaulley
Kate Heisler, Hannah McClellan, Carena Eamigh, and Allison Nycum have become leaders on the co-op tennis team.

Four Bellwood-Antis seniors – Kate Heisler, Carena Eamigh, Allison Nycum, and Hannah McClellan – all had a desire to do something new, fun, exciting, and competitive as their high school years wound down.

They set their eyes on tennis, and soon they all signed up to play the sport. Hannah and Carena are now in their second year playing tennis, and Kate and Allison are in their first.

Little did they know that they would be in what is one of the best extracurricular activities that they have participated in. Not only have they played in varsity tennis in Tyrone as members of the co-op team, but they  made many friends along the way.

Their individual stories are exceptional and inspirational, and their journeys as tennis players, both long or short, good or bad, are truly memorable.

A friend, athlete, and a role model, Kate Heisler is an outgoing and fun person who loves to play with her team. She loves to try new things and tennis was just one of the many activities she chose to do. As a senior, she supports and cheers for her younger teammates so that they can have a more enjoyable time playing.

“We are all there to just learn the sport and make the most out of it,” Kate said.

Kate sees tennis as a casual sport,  where she can move around and have fun at the same time. No matter what happens in a game, she has a positive smile and a great attitude.

Carena Eamigh, the team hairstylist, is a fun and loving teammate. She has been playing since her junior year. Mainly playing doubles, she takes great pleasure in playing with friends. The underclassmen look up to Carena, as she takes them to practice and games, and informs them of team schedules.

Carena says, “Tennis brings us all together because we all make mistakes, have great victories, and take on difficult challenges.”

Carena is planning to continue playing tennis as an extracurricular activity once she is in college. She loves to relax and play a sport where she doesn’t have to go too hard on herself. 

Allison Nycum, an all around great player, has made the most improvements since she started playing. At the inception of her tennis journey, she was a complete beginner and only occasionally held a racket every once in a while. Today, she has the ability to smoothly make shots and hit the ball at the correct position. 

The simplicity yet intensity of the game makes it the perfect combination of leisure and competition.

— Hannah McClellan

“I started off with tennis as a new sport to learn, and I quickly realized how fun it was,” she says. “Attending practice everyday with friends was fun and was something I looked forward to.”

Allison has developed strong connections with her peers as the season has progressed. During practice, they play doubles against each other and rotate players. This routine gives everybody the chance to play with one another. As time has passed, the player naturally havegotten closer together. The bonds that are formed brings out the joy in playing and improves everybody who plays.

With two years of experience under her belt, Hannah McClellan excels in what she does. Ranking No. 3 on the team, Hannah is able to show how her hard work is paying off. She has attended the District championships in singles and will soon be competing in doubles, both of which are major accomplishments in her career, especially as a second-year player.

Hannah believes that when the team stays positive and maintains a light mood, it doesn’t matter if they win or lose, but that they have a fun experience doing so.

“The simplicity yet intensity of the game makes it the perfect combination of leisure and competition,” says Hannah.

Although she does not currently plan to continue playing on a college level, she has stated that she will continue to play as a hobby. Tennis has taught her the importance of hard work and how practicing can undeniably elevate a person’s skill.

Throughout their careers, the four Bellwood-Antis seniors have made significant improvements to both themselves and to their teammates. They are nothing short of inspiring. Their skills and determination have allowed them to hold great passion for tennis.

The seniors serve as role models and mentors that younger players can look up to, and it is clear that teamwork and strong friendships are what matter the most in tennis.

We give our best wishes to BA’s senior tennis players. 

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  • J

    Jim KlesiusOct 7, 2023 at 6:41 am

    It is sad to say goodbye to these seniors as we lose them to graduation. I wish they could stay another year, but it’s time for them to move on to bigger and better things, as it should be! We will miss them but I’m confident they will be successful in whatever they do. They will always be a part of our tennis family and they represent the best our area has to offer. Coach Irvin and I are proud of you. Coach K.

  • M

    MillyOct 3, 2023 at 10:34 pm

    Good luck and keep up the good work 👍