The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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Super Sub: Mrs.Briggs


Mrs. Briggs has been a substitute teacher for about a year and a half. Here are some of the things that make her a “Super Sub”. 

  We asked Mrs. Briggs why she decided to sub, and she said “I was a reading interventionist for five years at Myers, and in 2021, I left my position to take care of my grandmother. Once she regained her health, I had a lot of free time on my hands and I really missed the students. While volunteering, Mr. Stinson mentioned to me that I would make a great sub, so here I am”. Mrs. Briggs is subbing for K-12. 

   “What is your favorite part of subbing?” I asked. “I love catching up with previous students of mine, and meeting new ones as well! I think I already knew almost everyone from K-10th grade, but I have met so many new students in 11th and 12th, too!” 

  Mrs. Briggs was asked what her favorite subject to teach/sub for is. “I’m not sure that I have a favorite subject.” She has subbed for most core classes and some electives.

  “Do you prefer to sub in the middle, high or elementary school?” I asked 

      “I sub in all 3 buildings, and I love each for different reasons. Elementary is always fun, even when it’s exhausting! Middle school students are always hilarious and keep me laughing! High school students are more mature, and I have great conversations with them! 

    Do you enjoy subbing? “ Absolutely! I love it!” Mrs.Briggs says her fellow teachers are very kind and helpful when she is a sub. 

    Do you have a job outside of school? “My husband is self-employed, so I help him with his business. I am also a full-time mom to 2 sweet teenage girls, and 2 crazy golden retrievers.”

    We asked some of her students about why they like Mrs.Briggs. 

Allison Heisler told me “ She’s really nice to us” Sophia Fatzinger told us “She lets us have fun while learning.” Ella cherry said “ She isn’t mean to us and she makes class fun.” Lastly Reid Schreier Informed us that “ Mrs. Briggs is the best substitute teacher ever.”    


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