Read Across America Theme: Dress like a book character end the week

Lots of students dress up but Thor and Hulk win top prize


Edyn Convery

Dallas Huff, Emily Wagner, Ryan Boslough, Kelly Leamer, Kiara Wolfe, Paige Padula and Dionna Pearce were among the students dressed up for Dress as Your Book Favorite Character Day last year.

Shawna McGuire, Staff Writer

Friday March 6th was the end of Read Across America. To end the week with a bang, it was Dress like Your Favorite Character Day.

Dallas Huff as Thor and Ryan Boslough as the Hulk were awarded the prize for best costume on Dress as Your Favorite Book Character Day.The name of the day is kind of self-explanatory. Teachers and students dress up as their favorite characters to express their love for the books and characters.

Since it’s the final day of Read Across America week it was the student body’s last chance to get involved, and many students did. English teachers choose the best costumes and again the prizes were awarded in $25, $15, and $10 gift cards for Barnes & Nobles.

Dallas Huff and Ryan Boslough, who dressed as Thor and the Hulk, respectively, shared first prize.  Anna Wolfe was second with her costume of Hermine from Harry Potter, and Dionna Pearce was third with her costume of Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

Anna Wolfe was Hermine from Harry Potter.
Edyn Convery
Anna Wolfe was Hermine from Harry Potter.

Last year’s winner were Miranda Lowery and Alyssa Long in first place as Hamlet and Ophelia.

“We always do this theme day to end the week because it’s something to look forward to and it caps everything off nicely,” said English department chair Mr. Naylor.  “We had a lot of nice entrants this year, lots of variety.”