BMOC- Caroline Showalter

B-A athlete prepares to transition from basketball to softball


Denise Showalter

Caroline Showalter dominating it on the softball field.

Caroline Showalter has had an amazing basketball season with of 3.1 rebounds per game, scoring 2.2 points per game, scoring a total of 64 points. Along with her career in basketball she also is a star on the softball field. Last year totaling of 26 RBI’s, 20 hits, four doubles, and two homeruns.

There is no doubt that is why Caroline is our Big Man (Woman) on Campus.

Caroline started out playing baseball from the age of six till she was twelve. Then when she was in seventh grade she planned on doing track when she got to high school. So instead she decided to sign up for softball instead and played Jr. High eighth and ninth grade and then moved up to varsity in 10th grade.

“I wanted to stay in shape so in eighth grade I decided to play softball and fell in love with it,” said Caroline.

Caroline has also been playing travel softball for three years and her biggest achievement is getting second place in the USSSA World Series in Ocean City.

This season of softball her personal goal is to get 30 RBI’s and have a .400 batting average. As a team she wants to win districts.

“I want to succeed as a team, make myself better, and grow as a team, and as an individual,” she said.

Caroline’s favorite thing about softball is the fact that you are in every play whether it is fielding a ball, backing up a play, or waiting to catch the ball.

Even though Caroline says she likes softball more than basketball, she still loves it just as much.

“I achieved what I wanted during the basketball season because we grew so close as a team. We showed we can overcome a major loss and go far in states,” she said.

Her favorite quote is:

“Practice like you’ve never won. Perform like you’ve never lost.”