May Ray Day

Alexis Mayhue

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Make a wish
April 29, 2015

It’s sunny- get outside and enjoy it! :)

Today, May 19th, is the day to go get some rays! It’s May Ray Day!

What is May Ray Day, you ask? Pull up a seat and I’ll fill you in. Better yet pull up a beach chair or an outfield bleacher seat. Or maybe a park bench.

Today is meant to get outside and soak up some sun.

Go outside and have a barbeque, take a day and go out to the lake and swim, or maybe just take a walk. You could literally just pull a chair out and sit in the sun. Do you know how long you’re supposed to sit in the sun each day? Fifteen minutes. Only fifteen minutes a day is the recommended amount of sunlight to soak in each day.

That’s not that hard, is it?  You’d be surprised to know how much better you can feel with this simple daily routine.

You will glow.

Don’t believe me? Try it.