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Endangered species making headlines!

Alexis Mayhue

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Pretty soon the only way you’ll get to see this leopard is through a picture.

From saola’s to whales, nothing is safe—well, not literally nothing but the number is still too high.

Today, May 15, is Endangered Species Day!

Whether it’s from poaching (that can be oh so illegal so do not do it) or just because the animal is dying out, the problem is only growing.

Words cannot describe how horrible this is. There are species out there that have only a few animals left alive.

How does it make you feel to know that in a couple years we could be without leopards or certain monkeys? That your children or grandchildren will only know what they are because of books?

I’m not saying you alone can stop this—I’m not saying this can be stopped at all. But it can be helped. Donate and bring awareness to the things that are happening in the world.